Based on a true story
Can the thread of bad luck, violence and suffering which is braided deeply into the generations of one family be broken? Beba's mother is a woman of poor health and weak character. Beba's father is sullen and violent. Beba's brother is possessive and problematic. Beba's boyfriend is from a correctional institution. Has Beba's daughter any chance to break this vicious circle, has she got any chance to become a beloved, happy person?

Author's note
Sifting through the documents of various Centres for Social Welfare, I came upon numerous horrible stories, and the saddest of them all has inspired this film. It has remained imprinted on my memory and I could not rid myself of it until I've made it into this film. This story of a vicious circle which always continues with the same violence and the same absence of love is, hopefully, a clear warning to us all that violence is not something to be quiet about.

Lukas Nola

feature film, drama, 86 min, 2013

Written and directed by
Lukas Nola

Ankica Jurić Tilić, Hrvoje Pervan

DOP Mirko Pivčević h.f.s.

Art director Ivan Veljača

Editor Slaven Zečević

Music Jura Ferina i Pavao Miholjević

Sound designer Dubravka Premar

Costume designer Ana Savić Gecan

Make-up artist Julijana Vušković

Producer Kinorama i HRT
Distributor 2i Film

Tihana Lazović
Milan Pleština
Lana Barić
Živko Anočić
Bernard Tomić
Ksenija Pajić
Enes Vejzović
Ivo Gregurević
Bojan Navojec
Ksenija Marinković

Grad Zagreb
Sveti Rok
Vijci Kranjec
Autonomna ženska kuća Zagreb
B1 Plakati
City Time
Moj Film